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I am a PhD student in medical imaging at the School of Computing, Maths and Digital Technology, Manchester Metropolitan University. I work to bring solid and useful mathematical and technical solutions and innovations to the fields of medicine and research and I like to use knowledge from many different disciplines to bridge gaps in communication and remove obstacles for cooperation. Questions which interest me are how to use technical solutions in smart ways, in particular in image analysis and visualization. Being born before the internet era, I also think a lot about data safety, privacy and ethics these days when technical solutions penetrate further and further into the world around us.

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  • “Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.
    It's about learning to dance in the rain”

    — Vivian Greene

  • “We find comfort among those who agree with us, growth aming those who dont”

    — Frank A. Clark

  • “Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one's own sunshine”

    — Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • “There will come a time when you believe everything is finished
    That will be the beginning”

    — Louis L'Amour

  • “God is perfect.
    Everyone else is ok as they are”

Curriculum Vitae

... just don't ask me how it ends ...

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Other professional activities

NGO and non-profit activities


"The experiment was a failure, so the best I could get out of it was a publication"

Scientific Publications

A complete list of publications

My Favourite Journal: The Journal of Irreproducible Results. Sadly, I have never been able to produce anything of sufficiently irreproducible nature to fit them. My jokes tend to (re)produce the same awkward silence over and over...

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A list of patents in cell analysis and microscopy, written together with my lovely mates at Phase Holographic Imaging

"Once, I invented something, but when I googled it, I realized it had already been done"

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Grants, Awards and Certifications

A list of successful grants and scholarships in research, plus some odd certificates which did not fit anywhere else.

If this was all the monetary support I had ever received, I would have concluded that hunting with a bow and arrow is more profitable than doing research...

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Artistic and Hobbyistic activities

... just so I have something to do during those looong weekends, anxiously waiting for the next Working Monday

The Fire Window

My blog on the use of technology in medtech and Life Science

En Bra Bok

A book illustration project (in Swedish) featuring world famous author Kersti Alm

Embryo Segmenter

Coding project desktop application for annotation and segmentation of embryo imaging


An explorational photo-log

Oddball of Yarn

For anything concerning balls, skeins and strings (also in Swedish)

Code projects

A few projects, hacking around in Python, PHP and stuff like that...


... also forest-keeper and occasionally Peep-keeper